What Is This All About?

Hello People of the Internet!

What is it that every person on this green Earth wants? To be relevant? To have a deeper understanding of the cosmos? The answer is different for everyone, yet the entire human race somehow found a balance. Sure there’s violence and hatred, and some days you may find yourself wondering if the world will be around much longer.

Well, here’s the thing: The world has never been perfect. Every day we hear news of murder, rape, corruption, and think to ourselves that it’s all going to end soon. That this time, it really is over for the human race. These thoughts aren’t out of the ordinary, they have existed throughout human history.

Take for example the year 1816, also referred to as the “Year Without Summer”. On April 5, 1815 a volcano in Indonesia erupted, killing tens of thousands of people. The following year, the ash and smoke coming from the mouth of the volcano spread so far that much of Europe was completely without sun for the entire summer of 1816. This “Year Without Summer” was the subject of Lord Byron’s poem Darkness.

Now, what does this have to do with my blog? The answer is simple: we all look for relevance, for that aspect of life that utterly fascinates us and drives us to continue, if not to learn more than to experience more. My interests cover a large variety of topics: Anime, literature, music, video games, cinema, all of which I tend to lean towards the more obscure side of the spectrum. This blog will cover all manner of topics, and hopefully raise discussions about those things of life which aren’t easy to pin down. What is art? How do we find meaning in what we love? And most importantly, do we as humans know what it is that interests us most by nature? I hope to learn more about what I love as I share with my readers, and in turn, my readers share with me.


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